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Cycle 32 Year 2314 Day 362

Research Station 25 Planet SK13152

Walking normally and acting natural were really hard when you were about to commit treason and betray your best friend, Braeden realized after the third time Leo told him to relax and stop fiddling with his computerized cuff. Braeden huffed and turned off the holographic projection of their solar system and wished he hadn’t listened to Leo and had worn the military cap. His red hair was very noticeable. The Colony should have removed red hair as an option from the genetic database considering that it was in no way evolutionarily helpful to have flaming red hair, no matter how short it was. Completely caught up in these musings, Braeden lost track of where they were going and ran into Leo as he was getting scanned into the main computer hub.

“Careful, Brae,” Leo said quietly, his DNA sequence flashing on the screen before he leaned in for the retina scan.

“You be careful,” Braeden muttered back, resentful of how calm his friend was, while his underwear was soaked with sweat and his heart was pounding. (more…)